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Academy Soccer (U8-U12)


The Academy program is designed for players interested in a transitional program from the traditional Recreational program to a more competitive Select program. Players in this program are exposed to a more intensive and competitive level than recreational and the focus is on developing the proper technical and tactical foundation that is crucial for the Select program. Commitment is required while fun is still being promoted. Academy participation is a one-year commitment consisting of Fall and Spring seasons. Academy soccer focuses on ages U8-U12.

Future Academy (U8) -
United Futbol Academy offers the Future Academy Program for players who are looking for a more challenging environment to develop their soccer skills. The United Futbol Academy Future Academy Program is for U7-U8 players - please see the birth year age group chart here.


U9 - U10 Academy
•Professional training and coaching
•2 teams of 9-10 players train as a group
•Volunteer Team Manager
•Two - 1 ½ hours/week practices

U11 – U12 Academy
•Professional training and coaching 
•Teams train individually 
•Volunteer Team Manager 
•Two 1 ½ hours/week practices

•Inter-League games scheduled by UFA 
•U9-U10 teams play 7v7 sided games 
•U11-U12 teams play 9v9 sided games 
(U12 top teams may play 11v11)

Top Teams
The first team in each age group will be designated as the Top Team and will have an extra training session each week. 

Additional Information
The Academy Program differs from the Select Program in that each club is responsible for setting their own schedule to help minimize travel. With the Academy Program, travel is primarily within the metro Atlanta area. One of the main benefits of each club having control over its own schedule is that each team will be scheduled against opponents of similar strength and ability

In the Academy Program there is flexibility to move players from team to team, and age group to age group. This flexibility will allow, when necessary, girls to play with boys, younger players to play with older players, and medium-skilled kids to play with high-level players. Movements such as these are dictated by the Academy Director and are always in the best interest (developmentally) of the player.


  • U7-U8 Future Academy $1,030 Click here for more information.
  • U9-U10 Academy - $1,200
  • U9-U10 Academy Top Teams - $1,400
  • U11-U12 Academy - $1,400
  • U11-U12 Academy Top Teams - $1,600

Click here for more information on our Policies & Procedures.

Uniform Package: includes 2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 pairs of socks, 1 practice shirt, and one-time purchase for UFA Club bag. Warm up jackets and pants are required for Top Teams.

Tournament fees are shared by all team members, regardless of individual participation 

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