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Parent's Corner

Child safety is a paramount concern to United Futbol Academy. With that in mind, our policy prohibits staff members from communicating specific information about a child or team to any individual not listed in the child’s registration information.  We appreciate your understanding.

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Dear Parents,

UFA will use this corner to assist parents with their soccer experience. We hope you will be a frequent visitor
to this page and will find the information helpful.

We have also subscribed to the FA’ RESPECT Program, a program to address unacceptable behavior in football –
on and off the pitch. The FA provides a completely free online course that is available to anybody. Everyone that
completes the course and achieves the pass mark can immediately print off an accredited certificate directly from the website. To take this very informative course which includes videos and quizzes at the end, please click The Respect Program to be taken to the site to sign up. 

Parents and Youth Soccer
Parents play a vital role in youth soccer but are often the least informed stake holders. Most parents’ primary goal is
to help their child enjoy his/her soccer experience and help them reach their potential. In addition to that, many parents help manage their child’s team and some even hold important positions at their youth club. Most board members and decision makers at youth clubs are parents. 

We recognize the important contribution made by parents in youth soccer and appreciate the challenges facing parents in their quest for guidance on how to help their child reach his/her potential in life, how to be supportive, and how to help their club in its mission to develop players.

To that end, we offer free parent education videos that can be found here.

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